Health and Safety – Woodhart Construction

A narrative which is often used by companies regarding health and safety.

As a company, we have embraced fully the legal and moral obligations for proportionate health and safety management across the various elements of the Woodhart Group of companies.

Management of health and safety standards across the Woodhart Group starts with our dedicated health and safety support specialists; who are actively involved in all governance aspects throughout the business.  Meeting regularly with the Group’s Directors and Managers helping to ‘push’ the health and safety ‘message’ through the business, our development programmes aid in the planning and roll-out of health and safety project controls.  The success of these project controls is benchmarked at site level, with regular site audits and reports fed back through the company to identify any opportunities for improvement.

Our health and safety ethos – Woodhart Construction

The overriding ‘ethos’ across the Group regarding health and safety is, that ‘we do what we say’ when it comes to compliance; basing this approach on the process of continual improvement.

Project Compliance – It’s all in the Planning!

Hand-in-glove with the development of the Woodhart Group of companies, our health and safety management systems keep pace and develop alongside our project and client portfolio, enabling us to build-in and develop proportionate and workable health and safety processes and solutions at the planning stage of works.

The changes brought about through the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015; which now encompass both commercial and domestic projects, has resulted in our systems and procedures being developed, so we can react, plan and tailor our health and safety systems, to match whichever environment we work in.

Ultimately, our developed project controls, along with project management and health and safety governance programmes serve to support our overriding target, which is to bring well managed, proportionate and safe projects to our client base, which is also reflected in our ever-present focus on bringing a quality job which puts us above our competitors.

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