Woodhart – Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this section to answer any standard questions you might have regarding your build, we hope that what you find here will give you the information you need, but if it doesn’t please contact one of our team with your question and we will promise to answer it as soon as we can.

If you have any questions that aren’t on this list, get in touch with us on 01273 539 124 or email us on [email protected]


Does my loft have enough headroom to be converted?

Most lofts can usually be converted but it is essential that there is sufficient achievable headroom. A minimum of 2.3m (7ft 6in) to start with from the ceiling joists to the apex of the loft. This is to take into consideration the new loft floor and ceiling which are usually in the region of 200/8 inches and 100mm/4 inches respectively, there should then be a ceiling height of approximately 2m/6ft 6in
A typical door height is just under two meters so anything less than this for your new ceiling height would not be practical.

Is planning permission needed for my loft conversion?

New regulations from October 2008 mean that your loft conversation can be carried out through permitted development, this is, of course, subject to specific conditions and limitations in the size of the extension. Please see the local planning department for further details.

Where will new stairs go?

It is now compulsory under Building Regulations, for a fixed stairway to be installed that will provide safe access to your new loft room. Building Regulations also stipulate conditions such as stair steepness, headroom, rails and step size etc. It is our recommendation to try and place the new stair case in line with the current stair case, where possible, if this is not possible it may be that a small portion of another room is used for the stair placement.

Will a loft conversion add value to my property?

A loft conversion will certainly add value to your property, in most instances you will double what you have invested.

What guarantee do we offer?

We provide a 3 year guarantee for all of our works. Additionally our sub-contractors and suppliers issue their own guarantees, which exceed this timescale at varying levels, which provides further comfort and reassurances in our services.

I have a hot water tank, is this a problem?

We can work relocate the hot water tank or install a combination boiler which alleviates the need for a water tank altogether.

How long will you take to convert my loft?

Every conversion is different but it usually takes approximately 8-10 weeks. We can advise of a more specific time once we have seen the project for ourselves.

Do I need to upgrade the ceiling under the new loft room?

The new loft flooring along with the insulation between new floor and ceiling below will ensure that regulations are met in regards to sound, fire and thermal.

Do I need steel beams?

It is common for most lofts to need beams to hang the new floor from, this will also take the load from the roof. These beams are usually made of steel but timber solutions can also be used as an alternative. Regardless of which material is used, it is a requirement for the building inspector to have evidence of the structural calculations to demonstrate that the conversion is sound.

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