Let’s be honest: we’d all love a little more room and a lot more space, wouldn’t we?

The UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe – and practically every household struggles to balance storage and living space.

Loft conversions are not, of course, the only solution available to you: moving house or extending your house in other ways are all options.

So, what exactly are the benefits of converting your loft?

1. Add Value To Your House

There’s no need to just take our word for it. Property experts agree that loft conversions are one of the best ways you can invest in your home.

  • Housing Market Research has shown that your house value can increase by as much as 20%.
  • Nationwide revealed that loft conversions have the potential to increase the value of the average home by around £37,000.

There is no other form of home improvement that costs so comparatively little yet adds so much and, better still, the payback on your investment need not wait until you sell. With attractive tax breaks available for those renting a room in their house you may wish to use your loft space to take in a lodger or a foreign student and start making money from your extra space immediately.

2. Avoid The Cost Of Moving

It’s not only stamp duty, solicitor fees and property costs that continue to rise: the true cost of moving house seems to get higher every year.

One of the major benefits of a loft conversion is that you can stay in the same area, and this means not having to:

  • Add to your commute or find a new job.
  • Settle your children into a new school.
  • Go through the packing traumas and stress of moving house.

Consider this: stamp duty is often now equal to the cost of an entire loft conversion, so you not only gain more but you spend less.

3. Increase Property Space

With a loft conversion it’s not just that extra room you gain – a well-planned conversion can provide additional storage underneath your new stairs and decrease the strain on the rest of the rooms in your home as well.

What’s more, by using ‘dead’ space to create a room, conversions do not eat into your home’s invaluable outside space as extensions can. And, with the postage stamp-size gardens that are so typical of Brighton’s properties, this is a very real benefit.

4. Create A Room With A View

We are so used to looking out onto the other houses on our street from our windows that it can be a truly delightful surprise when we gaze out of our loft room’s windows to take in the sea or the Downs in the distance.

Being higher up allows you to survey your local area from an entirely new perspective.

5. Adding A Natural Light Source

Velux windows, and even Dormers, let in much more light than the other windows in your home. They are much less likely to be blocked by other houses or trees on the street outside.

This means loft conversions can let in the maximum amount of sunshine into the rooms they create thanks to the height, positioning and angles of their windows.

6. Saving Time & Money With A Loft Conversion

No other home improvement comes close to loft conversions in terms of the value added to your home: the average extension only adds an average of £16,000 to a property and it also costs considerably more to complete.

The reason that loft conversions are often cheaper on a price per square metre basis than conventional extensions is that much of the structure you need is already in place.

Here are a few other benefits loft conversions can have compared to other ways to extend your living space:

  • Loft conversions are less likely to create issues concerning the blocking of light or the overshadowing of adjacent properties.
  • Bedrooms created from a loft conversion are by definition upstairs. To achieve this by an extension you would usually need to build two-storeys.
  • Building a loft conversion is usually less dependent upon weather conditions: work can often continue in rainy or frosty conditions which is not the case with extensions.
  • The majority of standard extensions and additions to your home will definitely require planning permission. This is not the case with loft conversions – many do not need to seek granted planning permission.

Want to get some of these benefits for your home?

If you are looking into the possibility of a loft conversion why not give our team a call on 01273 539124 or email us. We have been working on houses just like yours in the local area for many years and can help you plan, design and build the extra room that will enhance your house and your lifestyle.

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