A good commercial building company is critical to any construction project. The finish of an extension or new build will reflect on your brand. And any missed deadline in construction phases could significantly impact your bottom line. A failure to deliver a project altogether could be catastrophic. Use these top tips to find the best commercial construction companies in Sussex.

Our guide will help you avoid falling victim to rogue builders. By using a reputable commercial construction firm, you will enhance your brand by offering consistency and quality. Reducing the risks associated with commercial building projects starts from the moment your plans go out to tender.

How to find and hire a commercial builder

Finding a good builder in your local area will be easy with our top tips. Remember, the best price may not produce the best results. Bear this in mind when reviewing quotes. Also, remember that a local firm is likely to offer better value because its costs will be lower.

Before making a choice, consider the following four points:

1. Is the commercial construction firm a member of an approved competent person scheme?
2. What is the company’s work history? Can you review previous projects via photographs and customer feedback?
3. Have you checked to see if the building contractor has the necessary insurance?
4. Can the property company’s credibility and financial soundness be checked?

If you can tick all four boxes, you are off to a good start.

Search for builders in Sussex

Because companies in Brighton are likely to offer great value for money, check those out first. You can use a local builders’ directory, an approved trade scheme or databases maintained by industry bodies to put together a ‘long list’. By keeping your choices local, you will increase the chances of getting competitive quotes.

When considering quotes, take into account the type of building work you are planning. Is the construction company a Brighton home builder with experience of renovation projects or just new builds? Does it have a track record of excellence in the area you require? You can eliminate estimates based on the criteria set out above to form a ‘short list’.

Hiring Brighton builders

After you have compared quotes and looked at company profiles, invite the commercial contractors to individual meetings. Here you will be able to discuss your plans in depth and get a feel for who would be the right fit for your project. Whether you are planning new homes, a mixed-use space, offices, a retail development, an industrial building or a renovation project, you need to sure you have made the right choice before contracts are drawn up.

One of the biggest pitfalls faced by those hiring commercial builders is that they don’t really know what they want. You must have exact plans in mind and be clear about your expectations from the outset. Have a budget in mind and ensure any outline plans are achievable before spending a lot of money. It is essential that any plan meets your current and at least medium-term needs.

If you can match your project to a commercial builder, you are onto a real winner. The South East is a great place to invest right now. And with commercial assets exceeding predicted growth rates, you can be sure that any investment will offer good long-term gains.

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