Want to know how to find a good builder who is also reliable? You are not alone. Every year, consumers make tens of thousands of complaints about building work. Most of that work has been carried out in the home.

As a result of rising complaints, the Government has taken action to drive up standards across the construction industry. Companies in Brighton were among the first to adopt new competence standards that aim to drive cowboys out of business. If you are having a problem finding a reliable builder in Sussex, this article will help you.

The best builders DON’T…

  • Belong to self-check schemes that are not accredited
  • Ignore safety and building regulations
  • Leave you waiting for a job to be finished
  • Mislead you about timescales or pricing
  • Fail to rectify problems

The best builders DO…

  • Belong to fully accredited self-check schemes that adhere to international quality standards
  • Ensure their workers are qualified and competent
  • Are honest and reliable
  • Rectify any problems before completing a project

At last, trustworthy builders

Rules governing self-check schemes in the building trade were tightened after complaints hit a record high in 2011. Around 70,000 complaints were made about home improvement projects. A further 15,000 complaints followed shoddy window installations. The official Government statistics were a driver for change. Ministers said they feared cowboys were ‘infecting’ existing competence schemes.

Since the introduction of tighter rules governing self-check schemes, standards have risen considerably. In fact, finding a trustworthy builder in the South East has never been easier. You can spot the competent tradesmen from the cowboys in just a few clicks online. Unhappy customers are all to pleased to share their disgust.

Reputable building contractors and property companies actively promote their membership of competence schemes. As well as displaying the scheme logo on company branding, their name will be listed on the scheme’s website.

Why good builders matter

Every year in the UK construction workers die because of health and safety failings. In 2016/17, 30 builders died at work. A further 64,000 suffered non-fatal injuries. While these figures may sound high, they are actually coming down.

Good builders adhere to health and safety regulations. All their workers are fully trained, hold the necessary qualifications and are reliable. If you are looking for a reliable builder, find one who belongs to an accredited trade scheme and is listed on the Competent Person Register.

About the Competent Person Register

The Competent Person Register lists those who are members of approved competent person schemes. If you are looking for a good builder, ensure they and their employees are registered. Being a competent person is an important feature of self-check schemes. Do not use traders who belong to schemes that have not been approved by The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

If you are in doubt, check the list of authorised schemes here: http://www.communities.gov.uk

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