If your home is in the South East, now is a good time to undertake house refurbishment. The average price of a home in the region rose by 0.81% in the three months to December 2017, according to the property platform Zoopla. Compared to prices a year ago, property values have jumped by 1.84 per cent.

The average value of a home in the South East is now said to be £416,084. Property owners can further increase the value of their home, even terraced houses, with savvy refurbishment work.

Semi-open plan house refurbishment

While open plan spaces have been popular for almost a decade, trends are changing. Design experts predict a shift towards semi-open plan environments. They claim, homeowners have recognised the drawbacks with fully open plan living. Lack of privacy, lingering cooking smells and noise are turning people off the ultra-contemporary look.

The emphasis in 2018 will be on making the spaces in a home flow. This can be achieved by connecting large areas with a degree of separation. Functional spaces that are light and airy but do not combine to form one large ‘super room’ can be achieved with the help of professional tradesmen.

How to change the layout of your home

An architect or professional builder will be able to help you ‘zone’ your home with features that create character. Wooden flooring, kitchen extensions, bathroom refurbishment and loft conversions are all predicted to be in vogue in 2018. Large kitchens with super-sleek designs and wet rooms will be the must-have home improvements. Creating extra space for hobbies, the children or guests with a loft conversion is next on the list.

House buyers are looking for space and privacy wrapped up in a modern but not space age style. If you live in Brighton, for example, you may want to give your home a new outlook with south-facing patio doors or French windows. You can create the illusion of space without adding an extension.

Increasing the size of your home in the South East

If you are considering a loft conversion or house extension, ask your builder about local materials. Sourcing materials and labour locally will enhance your home and boost the local economy. It will also be kinder to the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. By using a local craftsman to refurbish your home, you will be able to create a unique look that will softly transform a space into something that is functional, environmentally friendly and full of character.

For that home office, extra bedroom or children’s play area, converting your loft or building an extension are the options. A loft extension is often cheaper and more convenient, and may not require planning permission.

Whatever your plans for 2018, be sure to consider refurbishment – even if you are planning to move. Buyers are looking for high-spec interiors that offer privacy as well as space. Is your home ready for a makeover? If you want any advice, give us a call on 01273 539124 or email us.

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