Extending your home into the loft is a cost-effective way to create more living space without having to sacrifice a slice of your garden. While loft conversions offer excellent value for money, they do pose some design questions. You will need to consider these before you decide what type of loft conversion would best suit your property.

One of the biggest questions homeowners in Brighton and East Sussex often have to consider is where to put the stairs. In fact, the staircase to a loft conversion is often the biggest design consideration. Whether you want a dormer, velux or gable end loft conversion, access should always be the first thing you think about.

Here is our guide to finding the right place to put your loft conversion stairs…

Loft Conversion Stairs - Regulations and Space

Because loft conversion stairs take up space on the floor below, often on the first floor of a property, design is a crucial factor. Equally important is the position of loft conversion stairs. Careful planning can limit the amount of space lost and provide the easiest , most practical access to your new living area.

However, it may not be possible to put the loft conversion stairs you have always dreamed of exactly where you want them. You may have to compromise on design for the sake of headroom, for example. Building Regulations require loft conversion stairs to land where there is 1.9 metres or more of headroom. This measurement is for the centre of the flight of stairs. A minimum 1.8 metres of headroom must be at the sides.

The maximum permitted pitch for loft conversion stairs is 42 degrees, so this is another Building Regulation you will have to consider.

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Where Do You Want Your Loft Conversion Stairs?

Because it is all about space and how much a homeowner is prepared to sacrifice for stairs, the position of a loft conversion stairs is always dictated by headroom and the design of the staircase .

At the end of the day, personal choice, as well as Building Regulations, is the key factor.

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