Loft conversions are a fantastic and practical way of extending your home, whilst avoiding eating up your outdoor garden space. As there are multiple kinds of loft conversion, it can be tricky navigating all of your options and picking the most suitable for your home. To help you with your decision making, we list the pros and cons of a Dormer loft conversion below.

The Pros

Lots of extra space

A Dormer loft conversion is an extension to your existing roof, which means it offers lots of additional room and head height space that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. This allows you to do more with your loft conversion, as you won’t have to worry about the height restrictions you would have with sloped walls. So more space for your furniture!

Natural light

Due to the extra space you will have with a Dormer loft conversion and the possibility of being able to choose between windows, french doors and balconies, you will have much more natural light available. This means you’re also getting a much better ventilated space at the same time.

Cost effective

As you would only be extending a space you already have, a Dormer loft conversion is a very cost effective way of adding an extra room or two to your home, especially if you choose to have a flat roof Dormer loft conversion.

Your heating bill also won’t be much more expensive than it already is now when you have  your loft conversion installed, in comparison to an extension to the side of your building or a conservatory for example, due to the heat rising.

Less strict rules with planning permission

A lot of Dormer loft conversions don’t actually need planning permission, as it typically falls under permitted development but there are some limitations. It mostly comes down to size and where the extension will be located but always check with your local authority before starting a project such as this.

The Cons:

Installation time

Dormer loft conversions take a bit longer to construct since you’re effectively altering the roof of your house, which also makes the initial cost of them higher than Velux loft conversions but if you’re in it for the extra space, then the investment of time and money will certainly be worth it in the end.


Unlike a Velux loft conversion where you are simply adding a window flush to the roof, a Dormer loft conversion requires more structural changes and alterations to your roof, which means your home may not be suitable for the type of conversion you want. It’s worth having an assessment and doing a bit of research into whether or not your loft is suitable for a Dormer conversion and if there are any obstacles that may prevent you from having one.

We hope our pros and cons of having a Dormer loft conversion have helped you in your decision making. Don’t forget to contact us here 01273 539124 or email us. if you have any questions.

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